The Warrior Creed

When I think of all there is to do in a day and a lifetime, I acknowledge that I am just a vehicle through which He works. I run to Him for my strength.

Always aware of what is at stake, I stand firm in the faith.

Ready at the drop of a hat to fall to my knees and pray. For when I am on my knees, my weakness is turned to strength.

Running in such a way that I will finish the race. For in all races there are many runners, but only one obtains the prize. I will run in such a way as to obtain the prize in Christ Jesus.

I trust Him for my provision: for my life, for my children, for all things, for all moments.

Officially aware that I am a Warrior now. No longer isolated and defeated, I press onward.

Resting always in who He is, rather than what I’m not.

Warrior Mom Family

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